About me

My name is Lars Kelbassa I am 23 Years old and I am from Germany. I started photography about 3 years ago. Back in Germany I was focusing on landscape and action photography of sport events and cars as well. Because taking the pictures is only one part of photography, I was diving into Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and Bridge to professionally edit my images and create my own style of pictures. When I started traveling at the beginning of 2019 my focus changed a little bit. I started shooting more portraits and accommodations, always having in mind to use this content for social media especially for Instagram. After a few months I got hired for multiple events and trips, had shootings with models and got invitations to shoot resorts, hotels and villas. I realized that hotels and resorts not only needed social media content, they always asked for professional pictures for their website as well. This is where we are at now, after my journey I can provide high quality content for your website, social media and prints and looking forward to work with you.

You want to work with me or just have some questions? Contact me and I will get you back as soon as possible!